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Our Magical Gypsum has been researched and designed to promote fructification of all mushrooms species, including difficult to fruit varieties. Our gypsum is solution grade, meaning it's of the finest quality - no more messy, granular gypsum that doesn't mix well with your bulk substrate material or grains.


The composition of Magical Gypsum is designed to work especially well MGP Microbes, providing a great source of microbe food but also offers a host of benefits without use of our MGP, including:


- Increases nutrient uptake

- Increases water holding capacity in substrate material

- Regulates the PH value of substrate, through PH buffering

- Stimulates mycelial growth

- Increases gross fruit quantities


If you want to have the best results from your mushroom grow - our Magical Gypsum is the only Gypsum you'll ever need. 3lb Bag.

Dr.Mycs Magical Gypsum 3.0lbs

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