Our mushroom spores come in a 12cc/ml syringe with a 16 gauge needle for precise dispensing! Comes in a sealed bag with added alcohol pads to help you keep your research clean. We have various species so please message us for current menu list.

-All microscopy kits are for research purposes only!-

Microscopy spores

  • Here at Colorado cultures we have an extensive library of specimens that we switch out regularly so please message use about our Menu at time of purchase for current list!

  • Our mushrooms spores are created in a Laboratory setting with “MERV” pre filters and in front of a laminar flow-hood.

    They’re designed for microscopy use only! They’re a tool in the science of mushroom identification, Interintended for research purposes only. Any questions about cultivation will not be answered and any sales will be denied. If you have questions about mushroom identification we would be more than happy to help you with that!