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Know Your Dose! The potency of psilocybin-containing mushrooms can vary tremendously between species, variety and batch. This is true even for cultivated varieties. With our Psilocybin QTest, you can quickly and easily determine the potency of any batch of dried mushrooms. Results are given both as a percentage of psilocybin and as an exact numerical ratio in milligrams per gram.


  • Results in 30 minutes.
  • Only 150 mg of starting material required.
  • Easy evaluation with the enclosed color chart.
  • The only quantitative psilocybin test kit on the market.


The Psilocybin QTest is the first and only test kit on the market that can tell you the potency of magic mushrooms. Works with dried mushrooms and extracts.  This single-use kit can be used to test any amount of mushrooms you want, so long as they are dried and you grind them up first.  Simply follow the instructions and compare the color of the detection vial to the enclosed color chart.


Other Kits Available: LSD, MDMA, Cannabis 

Potency Test Kits

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