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Colorado Forest Works Ready-to-Fruit Gourmet Mushroom Blocks – the easiest way to grow a variety of delicious mushrooms at home. Each month brings a new surprise with rotating gourmet varieties like Lions Mane and Oysters. Simply cut the bag, watch your chosen variety flourish effortlessly – no green thumb required.


Key Features:

  • Monthly Variety Delight: Experience a rotating selection of gourmet mushrooms for culinary excitement.

  • Simple Setup, Spectacular Results: Just cut open, and enjoy the magic of fresh mushrooms in your kitchen.

  • Quality at its Core: Blocks are crafted with precision and care to ensure optimal growth conditions.

  • Sustainable Culinary Experience: Grow your own organic gourmet mushrooms at home, reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Harvest-to-Table Excitement: Enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting and incorporating your own homegrown mushrooms into your favorite recipes.

Ready to Fruit Blocks

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