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APE 412


Difficulty of Grow


Potency Level

Medium - Intermediate

Expected Yield

APE 412, affectionately known as the "Albino Penis Envy 412," represents a pinnacle of psychedelic exploration. Named for its remarkable capacity to yield a solitary fruit weighing precisely 412 grams, this strain of Psilocybe cubensis stands as a testament to both rarity and potency. Its distinguishing characteristic lies in its ethereal white appearance, a stark departure from the typical hue of its counterparts.

These unique mushrooms have captivated the attention of seasoned psychonauts and mushroom aficionados alike. Unlike conventional Penis Envy varieties, the APE 412's distinct albinism grants it an unmistakable allure. However, its appeal extends far beyond mere aesthetics; its reputation for potency precedes it.

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