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Starry Night


Difficulty of Grow

Very High

Potency Level


Expected Yield

Starry Night is an exquisite and exceptionally rare crossbreed, boasting a breathtaking combination of Albino Penis Envy and Inca Stargazer genetics. It stands out as possibly one of the most visually stunning albino varieties known to date. Typically on the smaller side, Starry Night mushrooms feature caps ranging from one to two inches in diameter (up to 50 millimeters), with a distinctive convex shape.

As these mushrooms mature, their cap color transitions from a light to a dark gray hue, while the flesh remains a pristine white. The surface of the cap bears dry spots, remnants of its universal veil, adding to its unique appearance. The stems of Starry Night mushrooms can grow to approximately five inches in length (125 millimeters), boasting a pale yellow color that stands out against the backdrop of their white background.

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