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Unlock the secrets of mushroom growing with the H2Shroom Fruiting Tank, the pinnacle of ease and efficiency in home-based mushroom cultivation. Designed for both beginners and seasoned mycologists, this cutting-edge, fully automated system guarantees not just simplicity, but also a significant reduction in grow time by up to three weeks!


Key Features:

  • Accelerated Growth Cycle: With advanced climate control technology, the H2Shroom Fruiting Tank creates the perfect environment for rapid mushroom development, reducing the usual cultivation time by weeks.

  • Complete Automation: Leave the complexities behind. This system manages everything from humidity levels to temperature, ensuring optimal growth conditions without daily manual adjustments. The included ultra-sonic humidifier maintains precise moisture levels, critical for mushroom health and yield.


Items Included in this Kit:

  1. Cycle Timer: Automates the environmental controls, making your growing virtually hands-off.
  2. Resealable Entry Holes: Maintain sterility and minimize contamination risk while allowing easy access to your growing mushrooms.
  3. Two Sterilized Corn Bags (3lbs each): Ready-to-inoculate sterilized bags ensure a clean and successful start.
  4. Choice of Liquid Culture Genetic: Tailor your grow based on your preference or market demand with our diverse selection of high-quality mycelium cultures.
  5. Colorado Cultures Sanitation Pack: Keep your setup pristine with top-tier sanitizing supplies, reducing the risk of contamination.
  6. Efficient Drainage System: Equipped with a strategically placed drainage hole to facilitate excess moisture removal and maintain the perfect growing ambiance.


The H2Shroom Fruiting Tank is not just a tool, but a complete transformation in the way you grow mushrooms at home. Embrace the future of home mycology with a system that’s sophisticated, yet straightforward, and see your mushroom cultivation flourish effortlessly.


*Please put liquid culture genetic choice in notes when ordering.  You can view our current selection of house cultures here:

H2Shroom Fruiting Tank

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