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Difficulty of Grow


Potency Level


Expected Yield

JR, a special phenotype of our renowned CC house Mel Mak strain, meticulously cultivated to deliver unmatched performance and versatility in mushroom cultivation. JR stands out as the epitome of efficiency and productivity within our Mel Mak collection. As a combination of the fastest grower isolation and the highest producing isolation, JR consistently delivers exceptional yields, making it a top choice for growers seeking impressive results.

The fruits of JR are a sight to behold, boasting large caps and thick stems adorned with full canopies. From its robust structure to its bountiful harvest, JR exemplifies excellence in mushroom genetics. Ideal for both entry-level growers and enthusiasts alike, JR offers a seamless cultivation experience. Its forgiving nature and reliability make it an excellent choice for those new to mushroom cultivation, while its potency and balanced effects make it perfect for micro dosing purposes. Whether you're seeking high yields, ease of cultivation, or therapeutic benefits, JR delivers on all fronts with unparalleled quality and consistency.

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