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Ski Bum


Difficulty of Grow

Medium to High

Potency Level

Very High

Expected Yield

Ski Bum is an exceptional hybrid strain bred from the fusion of two standout genetics: Hillbilly Pumpkin, known for its abundant yields, and JR, our house Mel Mak that is celebrated for its rapid growth. This unique combination results in a strain that boasts impressive traits across the board. The fruits of Ski Bum are a sight to behold, featuring large, orange-brown caps with distinctively wavy edges. Complementing these striking caps are thick stems that provide ample support for the hefty fruiting bodies, making Ski Bum a visually impressive addition to any cultivation setup. In terms of potency, Ski Bum offers a balanced experience, ranging from medium to high potency, ensuring users can tailor their dosage to their preferences. Despite its strength, Ski Bum induces a mellow and soothing effect, making it an ideal choice for both novice and seasoned enthusiasts seeking a relaxed journey.

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